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Here you can see the Transwonder in action. Its smart cut pushes up body fat and muscle. Then all that's left to do is fill the breast pockets (e.g. with silicone implants) and there you go: you've got the bosom and cleavage that you've always longed for.

...with Transwonder

This slim man weighs 62kg and is 1.86m tall. He has a BMI of 17.92, and almost no body fat. Nevertheless, with the Transwonder, we succeeded in giving him a cleavage (seen here without padding). 
Transwonder front view: No clasp at front makes you look even more feminine. The lace transition of your décolletage creates a nice fusion of "bosom" and Transwonder without any giveaway edges. The breast pockets can be variously filled (e.g. with silicone breast implants or other aids you might prefer).
Transwonder back view: Transwonder is equipped with corset-top braces to provide in-built stability. Some permanent padding has been woven into the fabric. A silicone strip keeps everything safely in place preventing spillovers.




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